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Choose your label template from the tables below & click the link to download them for FREE!

Rectangle Label Templates

Labels per PageLabel WidthLabel HeightAvery Code*Word TemplatePDF TemplateMore Info
1 to View199.6mm289.1mmL7167DownloadDownloadLL01
2 to View199.6mm143.5mmL7168DownloadDownloadLL02
4 to View99.1mm139mmL7169DownloadDownloadLL04
6 to View99.1mm93.1mmL7166DownloadDownloadLL06
8 to View99.1mm67.7mmL7165DownloadDownloadLL08
10 to View99.1mm57.3mmL7173DownloadDownloadLL10
12 to View63.5mm72mmL7164DownloadDownloadLL12
14 to View99.1mm38.1mmL7163DownloadDownloadLL14
16 to View99.1mm33.9mmL7162DownloadDownloadLL61
18 to View63.5mm46.6mmL7161DownloadDownloadLL18
21 to View63.5mm38.1mmL7160DownloadDownloadLL21
24 to View63.5mm33.9mmL7159DownloadDownloadLL24
40 to View45.7mm25.5mmL7781DownloadDownloadLL40
65 to View38.1mm21.2mmL7651DownloadDownloadLL65
84 to View46mm11mmL7656DownloadDownloadLL84
189 to View25.4mm10mmJ8658DownloadDownloadLL189

Butt Cut Labels Templates

Labels per PageLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePDF TemplateLabel Code

Square Label Templates

Labels per PageLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePDF TemplateLabel Code
6 to View80mm80mmDownloadDownloadSQ80 / Vape6
12 to View65mm65mmDownloadDownloadSQ65
15 to View50mm50mmDownloadDownloadSQ51
35 to View37mm37mmDownloadDownloadSQ37
70 to View25mm25mmDownloadDownloadSQ25

Circle Label Templates

Labels per PageLabel DiameterWord TemplatePDF TemplateLabel Code
1 Per sheet200mmDownloadDownloadLLR200
2 Per Sheet140mmDownloadDownloadLLR140
6 Per sheet88mmDownloadDownloadLLR88
8 Per Sheet69mmDownloadDownloadLLR69
12 Per sheet64mmDownloadDownloadLLR64
15 Per sheet51mmDownloadDownloadLLR51
24 Per sheet45mmDownloadDownloadLLR45
35 Per sheet37mmDownloadDownloadLLR37
70 Per sheet25mmDownloadDownloadLLR25
48 Per sheet30mmDownloadDownloadLLR30
117 Per sheet19mmDownloadDownloadLLR19
216 Per sheet13mmDownloadDownloadLLR13

Oval Label Templates

Labels Per PageLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePdf TemplateLabels Code
4 to View95mm134mmDownloadDownloadOval 4
6 to View92mm76mmDownloadDownloadOval 6
10 to View75mm55mmDownloadDownloadOval 10
16 to View48mm70mmDownloadDownloadOval 16
20 to View40mm50mmDownloadDownloadOval 20

Made to Order Sizes Label Templates

Labels Per PageShapeLabel WidthLabel HeightWord TemplatePdf TemplateLabel Code
4 to ViewRectangle200mm60mmDownloadDownloadLA04
7 to ViewRectangle200mm10mmDownloadDownloadLA07
10 to ViewRectangle83mm53mmDownloadSO10
12 to ViewRectangle99mm42mmDownloadAV12
44 to ViewRectangle48.5mm25.4mmDownloadSO44
270 to ViewRectangle17.8mm10mmDownloadLL270
20 to ViewStar75mm55mmDownloadStar20
8 to ViewHeart69.3mm69.1mmDownloadHeart8
12 to ViewHeart60mm66.6mmDownloadHeart12
24 to ViewHeart43mm43mmDownloadHeart24
Looking for Avery labels & codes? *
We appreciate that some people may already be using software or label designs that rely on the use of Avery codes; some of our label sizes are the same as those offered by Avery, which means that you can use our label products AND continue to use your existing software and/or templates you may already have. If one of our label sizes is the same as an Avery label size, the relevant Avery code(s) will be listed alongside our own Product code(s).

We do not sell Avery labels BUT many of our label sizes “Avery Compatible Premium Labels” are exactly the same size as those produced by Avery & are compatible with Avery formats.

If you want labels that match a particular Avery size or want/need to use an Avery template to print your labels, you can buy labels from us safe in knowing that they are completely compatible with their Avery equivalents.
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*Disclaimer: products are not made or endorsed by Avery®. Avery® is a trademark of CCL Industries Inc., registered in the UK and other countries. References to Avery® are solely used to indicate compatibility for label sizes and templates.
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