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Printing Circles in Word

Here is another tip for you when working with a word Label Template

When having problems lining up your images the first thing i would check is that how the image position is set? In the majority of cases i see it is set to “top and Bottom” – but really to get the best result you need this set to in front of text. 

Microsoft Word is designed for Text, so it will always give priority to Text formatting. So by switching it over to “in front” of text, it should give your image priority instead.

This is something that i have to do quite a lot so when fixing a template for somebody. I always start from scratch – i reopen the blank template – just to make sure that the grid is back in the middle of the page.

Usually if the template has been opened and re-saved the margins have been changed to your own computer settings..

Then I delete the circle in the cell, click in the middle of the box to put the courser there, then paste or insert the image,

Once you have pasted it, change the layout option to “in front of text” but right clicking on the image to bring up the options. Then you can just drag it or nudge it into the middle of the box.

This one is using the LLR37 Template for Microsoft Word you can download here: Download Word Template

You can find our matt white 37mm Circle Labels on A4 sheets by simply Clicking here to Buy White Labels

Cant see the guides?

If you open your word template and you cant see the guides, and it looks a bit like this image below

If your guidelines don’t appear you can go to the layout tab at the top of the page, then highlight the table by clicking on the cross top left, then clicking on the guideline icon. Your guidelines for the cell should now appear. The guidelines shouldn’t print on your stickers they are only there to show you the very outer edge of the cell.

Is your text in the centre of the cell?

This is something to check, is your text or picture in the centre of the cell? There are a few ways to change this, i have added an image below to show. If you click on the top left corner icon on the table it should highlight the whole table for you, then in the Layout tab, you should be able to select the align centre button.

Or alternatively you can do it this way as shown below, Go to the Layout tab. click on the properties icon, then choose the Alignment centre and this should bring your text into the centre of the template cell.

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